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Brian Biro, America's Breakthrough Coach

There are few forces on this earth more powerful than PASSION.  And when passion is directed towards helping others unleash their best, it is truly unstoppable.  Dan Deigan in his Four Pillars of Personal Greatness video series is the epidome of enthusiasm, wisdom, energy, and heart.  Watch these videos again and again.  With each viewing you'll discover new pearls that can change your life and ignite you to lift all those around you.  There is personal greatness within you. Let my good friend Dan Deigan teach you the secrets to let it shine!

Bob Burg, Co-Author of The Go-Giver and author of Adversaries Into Allies

Dan Deigan has become one of today's top teachers in the success and personal development genre. Having gotten to know Dan, I continue to be more and more impressed, not only by his vast knowledge regarding the mechanics of success, but also by his HUGE goal and desire to help others achieve THEIR goals and desires. Stick with Dan. You'll have a terrific coach and mentor!

lct-header-dan-blog The "Little Conversations" You have today determine your tomorrow! These conversations the driving factor to every success and every failure that you have ever seen and will ever see. Our ability to choose positive and positive belief driven conversations with ourself have allowed
  • Athletes
  • Actors
  • Successful Businesses Of All Makes Large And Small
To provide us with their services and entertainment since the beginning of time. Think back to a time when you had a fantastic idea. Got it in your mind? Great. What happened to tat idea? Did you have a "little conversation" that talked you out of going for that dream? Maybe it was a conversation about your inability to achieve your dream because you
  • Don't have the education
  • Don't have the money
  • Don't have the friends in high places
Whatever lie you told yourself, it's in the past. At Little Conversations Today, we pick the minds of today's most sought after thought leaders and share how their little conversation go so you can see. there is another way to have a conversation with yourself.
Changing Your Little Conversations Today For A Better Tomorrow

For over 21 years I have worked (and still do) in the remarkable world of transportation on both sides of the fence. What's the sides of the fence do I mean? Well, both asset and 3rd party. It has always been an incredible feeling inside knowing that everything we see-taste-and touch was at some point, on a truck.

This industry is in every town, city, country, and continent. It serves more people in more ways than almost any other industry.

I created MAX V.T.S to give back to the industry that has and still does allow me to grow and expand my awareness in so many inexplicable ways. This industry has done so many things for me like:

  • Saved me from addiction
  • Allowed me to met people all over the globe
  • Meet my wife, my soul mate
  • Created lasting friendships most dream about

Now, you can benefit from Max V.T.S and our Mental Conversation Conversion Programs.

Come on over and have a look at what it's all about. MAX V.T.S was created by me specifically for the Transportation industry. Gain from the over 21 years or learning and relearning I did. Add Value and Solutions to your company and clients.

Value Driven Transportation Solutions

FREE Video Series: The Four Pillars Of Your Personal Greatness

Register for this FREE video series  that shares videos from some of today’s most revolutionary speakers, authors, and coaches. By transforming the way you work with the ideas, techniques, and strategies within these four pillars, you can truly create a transformational shift in your life, that will serve you in so many beneficial ways!

The CHOICE is yours my friend!

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