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FREE Video Series: The Four Pillars Of Your Personal Greatness

Are you experiencing your full potential? Four years, over 150 personal development leaders, and over 1800 videos later… I now bring you this FREE video course. hit the learn more button and see what it’s all about!

There are few forces on this earth more powerful than PASSION. And when passion is directed towards helping others unleash their best, it is truly unstoppable. Dan Deigan in his Four Pillars of Personal Greatness video series is the epidome of enthusiasm, wisdom, energy, and heart. Watch these videos again and again. With each viewing you’ll discover new pearls that can change your life and ignite you to lift all those around you. There is personal greatness within you. Let my good friend Dan Deigan teach you the secrets to let it shine!

Brian Biro

Dan Deigan has become one of today’s top teachers in the success and personal development genre. Having gotten to know Dan, I continue to be more and more impressed, not only by his vast knowledge regarding the mechanics of success, but also by his HUGE goal and desire to help others achieve THEIR goals and desires. Stick with Dan. You’ll have a terrific coach and mentor!

Bob Burg

First Published Book

Four Pillars Of Transportation

In 2015 I decided to write this book. At first, it was more of a way for me to clarify my thoughts about the world I had been living since I was a very young man. It then turned into more of a passion and took on, almost a mind of its own. It was an amazing experience that now, you can reap the benefits from if you are in the world of transportation.

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Projects I Am Working On

I was privileged to have been asked to join a production my friend Shawn Shewchuk was producing. This movie is set to hit the market late 2017 so keep an eye out here to be the first to get a copy.

To learn more about the Game Changer movie, click the button below.

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Logistics Sales Training Program

Through two decades of sales in Transportation and Logistics, I’ve had my fair share of sales calls. I had the privilege of training for major 3pl’s and have achieved major success. From taking over a department that was in the hole to the tune of $250,000 plus to making over $80,00 12 months later. The Four Pillars Of Transportation Sales will be the only program of its kind. Specifically designed to serve anyone in Transportation and Logistics Sales.

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Other Platforms Of Influence

Little Conversations Today

From 2005 to early 2010, I owned a logistics brokerage with two partners. In late 2009 into 2010, we were feeling the hit from the economy fall out. Our clients started looking for ways to ensure their companies profitability. My response went something like this. “After all these years of breaking my back for you, now you want a discount?”

Not really the reply you would hope a supplier of your would give, is it? Instead of looking to see how we could maintain a positive, profitable relationship, I told customers to look somewhere else for people that will break their back like I was. Well, they found other people! In mid-2010, we had no more company, and I found myself lost, feeling unworthy of any success. Then I founded LCT. I read books, watch videos, and connect with authors and personal development experts and ask the real intense questions!

Inspire Me Today Article

This originally was posted back in 2010. It was, in fact, my first article that I wrote and published in this manner. Boy, was I terrified to hit that submit button. I was waiting by my computer for hours after the article was released looking for comments to come back. I did get a few and to my surprise, they were all positive. Now, I realize, that there’s always going to be a few “haters” out there and so be it.

To read the article, just hit the read more button.

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Voice America Radio Show

This show was an amazing experience. To have the privilege to work with some of the most remarkable and energetic people in the personal growth world was a time in life I will always be grateful for. This radio shows helped thousands of people around the world and they really expanded my mind and belief system. If you hit the button entitled Voice America below, you’ll be taken to the show’s homepage. If you hit the Learn More button, you’ll go to my own Voice America Page.

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Article On

Josh Hinds who has now become a great friend of mine let me post a few articles on his site In this article, we discuss the idea of where and when life lessons take place. The long and short of it is… They are always happening every day in every way, the real shame is that most of us are not paying enough attention to life to see them. We are mostly operating on autopilot. To read more, please hit the Read Article button.

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Article On Vibration

In this article, I talk about vibration and how it is so infectious. The challenge we all face is, both positive and negative vibrations are infectious. The real test then becomes, what vibration do you seem to get infected with?

If you would like to read the rest of the article, hit the read more tab!

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Max VTS (Value Transportation Services)

Max VTS is an amalgamation of two areas of my life. One is the logistics business that I have been in for two decades now. Two is the world of personal growth and development.

When I stepped back into the logistics world, I knew there was a better, more effective way to serve clients, their companies and keep them profitable. On this platform is where I am developing sales programs to help salespeople sell with energy, enthusiasm, and assist them to add maximum impact to their client’s lives.

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FREE Video Series: The Four Pillars Of Your Personal Greatness

Are you experiencing your full potential? Four years, over 150 personal development leaders, and over 1800 videos later… I now bring you this FREE video course. hit the learn more button and see what it’s all about!