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In this episode of Your Conversation Counts, we have Josh Hinds author of It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG and creator of Josh has been running pretty much since the internet was created. Josh grew up with a very bad speech and stuttering disorder, this didn’t stop him from really taking his life into his own hands. Josh created what he calls “The Work Around” this is a process where you work around your obstacles and reach your dreams and desires.

So many of us when faced with a challenge that at first glance might seem to be completely unscalable, simply just stop and retreat back into safety and never go for our true desires, not Josh, he started writing to overcome the challenges he had when he would try to “get it out” verbally. I would like to thank him for doing that, is a blog that has shared thousands of posts with the world and helps hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Here’s our show!


You really should check out you will love the content. Josh and I also have a very special project we worked on together. Just click the banner below and you can see what it’s all about!

Four Pillars Of Personal Greatness