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Welcome back you the Your Conversation Counts series. This week on Your Conversation Counts, we have David Long author of Built To Lead Seven Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S For Becoming A Top 10% Manager. If you are a manager, VP, supervisor, Training Leader, or in any of the other 1,000’s of positions in the market place where you have team members under you. Then Built To Lead is the book you should truly be studying with a fine tooth comb. I have had the honour of interviewing David twice now. Once on this episode of Your Conversation Counts and also on Little Conversations Today. You can get to David’s expert page HERE. I won’t go over as much of the details of David’s book that I would like in this particular post. I will save some other points for another post about management and building a team. For this post I would like to focus one point that David just blew my mind with. This statistic from a Gallup Pole on engaged employees vs disengaged ones. Did you know that the average working population david-long-bioratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is near 2:1. Gallup estimates that this is a loss of almost 300 Billion (Thats Billion with a B) in productivity alone. Now come on, that’s massive. 2:1  ratio is a formula a recipe for complete disaster. On the other side of that coin, there was a stark contrast with companies that are considered to be “World Class”. Gallup Pole says this. “In stark contrast, world-class organizations that have built a sustainable model have an engagement ratio of more than 9:1 of engaged to disengaged employees.” What is a sustainable model you’re probably asking yourself at this point. Sorry, never covered that! Gallup says “In the best organizations, employee engagement transcends the human resources initiative – It is the way they do business” In other words a world-class company has built a system for employee engagement and live by it. My Employees David Long’s company is a world class outfit my friends. I encourage you to check them out!

So in the end, here’s the question I have for you. Are you that disengaged employee? If so, what are you going to do today to find your greatness and become that over the top employee that your company will not want to see go? No wait, I have one more question: If you are the manager, owner, supervisor, VP, or anything in the mix of having a team under or around you. Are you engaging your

Download the interview here! Just click the image then (right click) and hit "save as"

Download the interview here!

team the way they need to be engaged? If not, I can assure you just as it’s going to get dark tonight (or light if you’re reading this at night) they are or will very shortly be looking for a new position with another company. Sorry to end it like this, however, my new friend David has opened my eyes to the truth that is Employee Recognition Joy to you in every precious moment! Dan