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In this episode of Your Conversation Counts, we are taking with Nick Ruiz. Nick is a real estate investor that has seen quite a bit of action over the last few years. Nick started in real estate at a very young age, he learned the ropes, loops, and mastered the art of making money in this pretty abundant market. That was until the economic downturn of 2008-2009. Nick Ruiz, just like most of the population, felt this hit and it sent him into a deep spiral of dept. Nick went from being able to buy almost anything he wanted to worrying about buying bread. Thankfully, Nick knew he was destined for more, to be more, and to live more. Nick has since climbed back up the ladder of abundance and today, he shares his story and thoughts about the conversations he had during those dark days of education. We hope that you enjoy this episode of Your Conversation Counts with Nick Ruiz as he shares how you too can get back up after any adversity or challenge that hits you. Walk through that eye of the storm into the bright blue skies!