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Have you read or been introduced to some of the latest employee engagement statistics Gallup released? If you’ve not had an opportunity then today’s show with my dear friend David Long will truly shock you. If you are a manager, leader, VP, or President… In other words, if you lead anyone at anytime in your day to day work environment. Then this is an episode of Your Conversation Counts that you’re not going to want to miss.

In this episode David Long and I discuss how 47% of your TOP employees are actively looking to leave. What it takes to create a true world class company, and we also dig deep into some easy to use techniques you can start using today that will help you engage your team in the next hour after the show.

David Long owns My Employees an employee engagement company in North Carolina and his new book Built To Lead is a TOP 10 on

I hope that you enjoy this episode Of Your Conversation Counts~