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This week on Your Conversation Counts, we have a totally amazing person to have a “little Conversation” with. My dear friend, Author, Spiritual Leader, coach, and Huffington Post Columnist Dennis Merritt Jones and I discuss his new book entitled Your (re) Defining Moments Becoming Who You Were Born To Be.  This show really digs into those times in our lives (when we Choose to be conscious of it) when we face a transition period, a time when we start to see a metamorphosis of sorts, a time when we are (re) defined by some circumstance, thought, or event. These are the times when our lives can truly change, a time when we start to question the truths of the past, and  a time when we realize those truths that have been guiding our very life, are not always right for us in this given moment!

We hope that you stay mindful of what Dennis and I discuss, it gets deep and I do hope that you’ll travel with us for the next 28.5 minutes!


I would like to leave you with a paragraph from Your (re) Defining Moments that I believe will start to take you down a path toward your next breakthrough of inconceivable proportions.


Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, we are each in our own way seeking something that anchors us in life; we seek something to believe in – something that gives our life a sense of solidity, relevance, purpose, and meaning. Connecting to something larger than ourselves is an ancient quest, one seekers have embarked on for millennia. It seems to be a call we all hear yet it is a pilgrimage relatively few choose to ever undertake.

Joy to you in every precious moment and lets be honest with ourselves. Are we on this quest or are we sitting in the bus waiting to start our quest?