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In this week’s episode of Your Conversation Counts, we chat with Dr. Nido Qubein. Dr. Qubein has spoke all over the world, shared insights with millions of people and has gone from having $50.00 in his pocket when he arrived in The United States to becoming one of the “go-to” Success Gurus around. With hsi multiple best selling books, being President of High Point University, Chairman of The Great Harvest Bread Company and the countless other remarkable successes, Dr. Qubein has a very unique and uplifting perspective about life, success, and how we can truly live the life we seek and reach our true desires.

We do hope that this week’s episode does inspire and excite you to Keep On Keeping On toward your true desires!


I love when Nido shares his views on what Success really means. What did it mean to you when he shares that statement? Leave us a comment below!