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In this week’s episode of Your Conversation Counts, we talk with Ian Humphery. Ian is a youth motivational and inspirational teacher, coach, and mentor. Ian like to use boxing metaphors to really help kids digest his remarkable teachings.

Join us as we discuss how It’s Not About The Knockdown, It’s About The Get Up with Ian Humphrey. When you get knocked down with the challenges that life brings, it’s tough during the storm to not stay down. We all need to remember that it truly is not about what knocks us to the ground in life. It’s all about our choice to get up and what we do with the lesson that counts.

we hope that you enjoy this weeks episode of Your Conversation Counts!


You can reach Ian HERE Remember to enjoy every precious moment, yes even the ones that seem to be the most dreadful… There’s a GOLD Nugget in them all!

Joy to you in Every Precious Moment!