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This week on Your Conversation Counts we have a very special guest, Jeff Goins. Jeff is an author, coach, father, and loves blogging with the best of them. Jeff’s book The In-Between is truly a remarkable read. I would like to share a paragraph that stopped me in my tracks when I was reading The In-Between

I’m feeling the tension between how I used to live and what’s reality. My schedule is full of obligations and opportunities that tempt me to push through the now, moving on to the next big thing. I’m tempted with distractions, to linger in the glory of the past or hold out hope for a better future. These are all ways I distance myself from the moment. And I wonder why the abundant life I’ve been searching for seems so evasive, even taunting at times.

Now, tell me that’s not one of the most remarkable and thought provoking paragraphs you have read in a really long time… Well we’ve got a real treat for you! In this episode of Your Conversation Counts. Jeff shares his thoughts and feelings on that and many other parts of this book.

If you have not read The In-Between or had the opportunity to read some of Jeffs work, I do suggest that you head over there and consume as much of Jeff’s work as possible. This book has provided me so many wonderful new thoughts and ideas that have truly created some massive shifts in my life, I wish the same for you!


Here is Jeff’s promotional video for The In-Between, another FANTASTIC Jeff Goins production!

Here is our show on CIDI 99.1 We hope you enjoy this episode of Your Conversation Counts