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Welcome back! This week’s episode of Your Conversation Counts is a solo one… So you’re stuck with me for the next half hour my friend! (Now that’s funny)

So this week, we are going to look into the world of knowing what to do, however, never doing it! What? Yes, that’s right. I read Larry Winget’s book entitled Shut Up, Stop Whining And Get A Life and let me tell you, it is an eye opener for sure. I finished the book three months ago and I have been researching and consuming as many books, videos, and audios dedicated to this massive and unreal issue the world faces.

Here’s the thing! There are a plethora of books, dvds, cds, seminars, and courses etc. etc. etc. out there that can truly transform your life in an instant!  Well, let me rephrase that a little. They can change your life if you choose to follow the suggestions and change your perceptions about what ‘s possible.

Here is what Larry said:

Do you find it interesting we know exactly what it takes to be rich, successful, and healthy and we still do not do it?

Larry Winget

That my friend is the focus of this show! Enjoy!