Leadership Through Little Conversations


YOU’RE The Obstacle YOUR Dreams Face – Plain And Simple!


When it comes to the attainment of our dreams and desires, it is clear that we are our biggest obstacle we need to overcome! Yes, you might be thinking that this post is just like all of the other “Pollyanna” ones out there. The fact is, it’s not! When you sit back and think of all the “Little Conversations” you have with yourself when you set out on a really big dream. The conversations that go something like… This is going to be really hard. Man, this is going to take a lot of time. I don’t know any of […]

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A Conversation With David Long On Engaging Employees

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Have you read or been introduced to some of the latest employee engagement statistics Gallup released? If you’ve not had an opportunity then today’s show with my dear friend David Long will truly shock you. If you are a manager, leader, VP, or President… In other words, if you lead anyone at anytime in your day to day work environment. Then this is an episode of Your Conversation Counts that you’re not going to want to miss. In this episode David Long and I discuss how 47% of your TOP employees are actively looking to leave. What it takes to […]

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Multiple Conversations About The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

The mind is the master This quote and book is from James Allen. Your mind does in fact have the power to control your life and in the end, always does. It has been a while since I had an opportunity to share with you my latest radio shows and for that I do apologize. Today however, you are going to get a two shows in a single post. We are going to walk through some areas of the latest book I’ve been reading entitled The Power Of The Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Have a listen to these two […]

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Lessons Applied Are The Key To Progression


This week on Your Conversation Counts, I’m speaking to all of you that read, watch videos, and look for a new lesson, a new operating systems if you will. Have you ever heard an expert, someone who has been down the same road you’re presently travelling share a technique, lesson, or skill they learned on their path? Have they ever shared with you what to avoid, what to look out for, or even how to overcome it? Did you listen? Did you follow the advise? Most people don;t! That;s why if say a new book about how to achieve business […]

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Staying Out Of The Ditch


So let me ask you a question! Have you ever got into the ditch with someone that you were having a disagreement with? What’s the ditch? It’s when you drop your vibration from a high vibe one to the low argumentative one of the person you’re having a challenge with. In this weeks episode of Your Conversation Counts, we discuss how we can keep our vibration teflon from the low argumentative one we tend to face. We discuss some simple and yet extremely effective ways to stay on a high vibe, ways to start on and end on a high […]

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A Conversation With Dr. Nido Qubein About Success


In this week’s episode of Your Conversation Counts, we chat with Dr. Nido Qubein. Dr. Qubein has spoke all over the world, shared insights with millions of people and has gone from having $50.00 in his pocket when he arrived in The United States to becoming one of the “go-to” Success Gurus around. With hsi multiple best selling books, being President of High Point University, Chairman of The Great Harvest Bread Company and the countless other remarkable successes, Dr. Qubein has a very unique and uplifting perspective about life, success, and how we can truly live the life we seek […]

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Thinking In Reverse – Why Do We And How Can We Breakthrough It?


This post is pretty personal and involves a family member. Maybe you’ve seen this or lived through it as my family member has or been on the sidelines as I find myself in this very moment. When you face a massive adversity, do you see the (re) defining moment in it? What is a redefining moment? For me it’s a time when you stop and have this massive trajectory (or aha) moment in life, you realize that you’ve changed for the better (hopefully). I have a family member that recently had one of these moments. He is 30 years old […]

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A Conversation With Ian Humphrey About Getting Up After A Knockdown


In this week’s episode of Your Conversation Counts, we talk with Ian Humphery. Ian is a youth motivational and inspirational teacher, coach, and mentor. Ian like to use boxing metaphors to really help kids digest his remarkable teachings. Join us as we discuss how It’s Not About The Knockdown, It’s About The Get Up with Ian Humphrey. When you get knocked down with the challenges that life brings, it’s tough during the storm to not stay down. We all need to remember that it truly is not about what knocks us to the ground in life. It’s all about our […]

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A Conversation With Dennis Merritt Jones All About Our Re-Defining Moments


This week on Your Conversation Counts, we have a totally amazing person to have a “little Conversation” with. My dear friend, Author, Spiritual Leader, coach, and Huffington Post Columnist Dennis Merritt Jones and I discuss his new book entitled Your (re) Defining Moments Becoming Who You Were Born To Be.  This show really digs into those times in our lives (when we Choose to be conscious of it) when we face a transition period, a time when we start to see a metamorphosis of sorts, a time when we are (re) defined by some circumstance, thought, or event. These are the […]

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Lessons In A Lost Family Member Our Boy Blue!


On Friday the 19th Of September 2014, I was having a conversation with my friend and mentor Rico Racosky. During this conversation our family dog Blue was brought up. This brought back many wonderful memories of our beloved and ever loving, caring, entertaining, and cheerful boy. Blue was a shepherd lab and had the facial elements of a shepherd but with those awesome lab ears. Blue was always there for our entire family. When one of our children were sick, he was there. When Christine or I had a bad day at the office, he was there. The love Blue would give […]

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