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Four Pillars Of Transportation Book

It was such a remarkable experience to write my first book. The research, clarifying my mental process, the editing (Wow, the editing), and then. The result is one of the most incredible feelings on the planet.

When you can open the box with the first print of your book, it is a feeling that is hard to describe. It’s been a dream of mine to write a book for many years, and to have that dream come to life, is remarkable.

In this book, I have detailed two decades of Transportation knowledge. From sales to the management of both drivers and office members, this book goes into descriptive details about what I have coined “The Four Pillars Of Transportation.”

Pillar One: Family

This Pillar consists of your friends, family, and relatives. Having a network of support outside the industry is essential. Another vital part of this equation is, not bringing some of the day to day challenges we face in Logistics home!

Pillar Two: Clients

This Pillar discusses all areas of customer relationships. Helping our clients understand our side of the business is essential. This pillar also goes into an in-depth discussion about how ALL relationships must be a two-way street. Yes, we are here for our client. However, we also need our customers to be there for us.

Pillar Three: Team

Our Team is one of the most essential, if not, the critical piece in ensuring our clients and suppliers get served properly. Your team, on every level, must be second to your family. Teams, in my opinion, are more important than any client. We provide a thorough understanding and development process for you to create an unstoppable team.

Pillar Four: Company

If your business is not profitable, then you, my friend, are out of a job. I once heard a quote that goes something like this.

“If you give me a stock clerk with a goal and dream, I will give you a person who will make a difference. If you give me a stock clerk with no dreams and desire for the company to succeed, I give you a stock clerk.”

Trading time for money is never a long-term success strategy. By ensuring your business is profitable is essential.

My goal realized is your gift. If you enter your name and email, I will give you a copy of my book. Straightforward and easy, no?