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This week on Your Conversation Counts, I’m speaking to all of you that read, watch videos, and look for a new lesson, a new operating systems if you will. Have you ever heard an expert, someone who has been down the same road you’re presently travelling share a technique, lesson, or skill they learned on their path?

Have they ever shared with you what to avoid, what to look out for, or even how to overcome it? Did you listen? Did you follow the advise? Most people don;t! That;s why if say a new book about how to achieve business success hits The New York Time Best Selling list and sells 500,000 copies. Do you think that 500,000 new business people become millionaires? Take their business to the heights described in the book?

NOPE! Why? Well the main reason is they don;t follow through on the lessons and apply them daily in their lives. Lets be realistic here: There are thousands, hundreds of thousands of books out there that have all of the information you need to live the life you truly want to live. The BIG challenge is applying the lessons!

Enjoy the show!