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On Friday the 19th Of September 2014, I was having a conversation with my friend and mentor Rico Racosky. During this conversation our family dog Blue was brought up. This brought back many wonderful memories of our beloved and ever loving,IMG_0315 caring, entertaining, and cheerful boy. Blue was a shepherd lab and had the facial elements of a shepherd but with those awesome lab ears. Blue was always there for our entire family. When one of our children were sick, he was there. When Christine or I had a bad day at the office, he was there.

The love Blue would give our family was endless as I am sure if you have a dog, it’s the same thing. So today I would like to share something I have not shared with many people at all. When we had to put our loving furry family member down on June 29th 2012, I personally learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life. The lesson of keeping an open mind!

This is for you my boy! I know you are playing and having the time of your life right now!

Here’s the reality about this lesson my friend. Yes I slip sometimes especially with my family and those I love the most. We all do! The fact remains that I try to always share these lessons in love, as parents we share, as spouses we share, as grandparents we share. There are days we slip… Welcome to being human. Stay consciously aware of the lessons you can learn in Every Given Moment!


Joy to you in every precious moment!