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What do you truly believe you are capable of? Do you truly believe you can reach those desires that keep you up at night? OR are you locking all of these realities away to “live another day” as they say? The really sorry truth is that most people do live like this, they create this amazing life in their heads of “what can be” and the dream never goes any further than that.

So many dreams get locked away because we don’t believe that we can actually create that life we dream about. We see these “celebrities” lives as something that’s only available to certain people, certain people that have these special circumstances or golden paved roads to success.

belief-locksThis has to be the biggest load of … Well you know!

Now not for a second am I going to suggest that a shift from disbelief to complete belief is some sort of “overnight” thing that’s going to magically change. The beliefs that you have embedded into your mind are going to take work to morph into the beliefs you need to change you life and live your dreams.

So lets just take this transformational process slow and move a step at a time. Let’s start by answering a few questions that will give us a baseline of where our beliefs sit shall we?

When you answer these questions, please ensure to be really, really honest as this process will NOT work if you choose to answer these questions in any kind of BS fashion. You need to be completely honest with yourself.

  • Do you believe in what you say you can do?
  • Do you say one thing but deep down inside believe another?
  • Did your initial thought of your greatness seem like it was a great idea, unbelievable opportunity?
  • When did the thoughts of disbelief come into play?


Let’s start with the first one… Actually lets take 1 and 2 together as they really need to be answered that way ( I think anyway and hey, this is my blog! )

Do you believe in what you say you can do? Or do you say one thing but deep down inside believe another?

This is so much more common than you think. Everyone has done this and I mean everyone. From the biggest name on stage today to the kid in the playground at your local elementary school. Saying and truly believing are two completely different things. Sure we all say that we believe this and believe that, mainly from an ego based process. This thing called belief originates from inside, when we say words that don’t align with our internal vibrations, we tend to lose. So if we all do it, how do we start to make that shift from “just sayin” (my kids love saying that) to true unconquerable belief? First start with realizing that not everything you say you believe is a concrete belief. For example: Do you believe that you can double your income this year? Some of you might say yes you can, however. in 12 months time, you wouldn’t have even tried to do that. Why, because you don’t believe you can on a deep subconscious level. Here’s my question: Why can’t you? I mean, you and I are no different. You are no different tan any Hollywood actor, music icon, or personal growth guru.

The only difference between any of them and us is awareness, knowledge, and belief. They believed they could achieve those levels of greatness. Let’s start changing that with the power of positive association. Have you ever accomplished something that at first glance was totally impossible? Yes? Well didn’t you already prove to yourself that you can do this? That you can accomplish something that at first glance was impossible? One of my favourite quotes goes like this:

Impossible Is Just an Opinion

Did your initial thought of your greatness seem like it was a great idea, unbelievable opportunity? 

Yeah, sure it did, they all do right? Yes my friend they do. They all get us so giddy it is insane! I love thinking about new exciting things I want to do and accomplish, it makes my day! here’s what I believe! I believe that God (The Universe, The Devine… What ever you believe in) would never put a thought into our heads that gets us that excited if it were not for two things.

  1. To accomplish it
  2. To provide us with a teachable moment

These two things are in everything we face or complete in life. So if that is my belief, every exciting and giddy idea I come across I either act no right away or bank and get to when the other (1000,000,000) projects I have … )Yes that number includes my honey do list! ) gets reduced a bit. I always have a stock pile of ideas that I am ready to pounce on at a moments notice. Just love it! So push forth and either act on it or stock the idea (well documented so you get that giddy feeling again when you open the “idea” file at the right time) and start to tell yourself that these ideas are there for a reason, everything and I mean everything happens for a specific reason.

When did the thoughts of disbelief come into play?[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Impossible Is Just An Opinion[/pullquote] I am going to share the places mine usually hit me. Please don’t get me wrong here, I still get the negative “I can’t do that” thoughts with every big idea that scares the S#*t out of me!

  1. Shower
  2. Lying in bed waiting to fall asleep (That’s when my mind just races like a Formula 1 car)
  3. Driving
  4. Moments in-between conversations
  5. Cutting the grass
  6. Reading a book
  7. Writing this blog!

Yeah, they happen all the time. Not quite as much as they did before and they tend to not stick around as long as they used to but they still pop their head into my life every now and then. How do I get rid of them? Quite Simply put, I tell them that I know they have no baring on what I can do, accomplish, and achieve. Eventually they just go away and I move onto bigger and brighter ideas and greatness.

Now you are prepared with some ideas about how this belief system inside you works and when these thoughts of disbelief will hit you. With this, you are now prepared to face the challenges that come with going after your greatness.


Joy to you in every precious moment my friend!