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The mind is the master

This quote and book is from James Allen. Your mind does in fact have the power to control your life and in the end, always does.

It has been a while since I had an opportunity to share with you my latest radio shows and for that I do apologize. Today however, you are going to get a two shows in a single post. We are going to walk through some areas of the latest book I’ve been reading entitled The Power Of The Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

Have a listen to these two shows in order as they build on each other and have a continuous message that can truly have a dramatic impact on how you mentally can regain control of your life and start to complete the shifts you so desperately want to make.

Show one: The Voices IN Your Head

This showis an introduction to this book. It all starts with that little voice you hear everyday. You might not think that this voice has an impact on your life, yet it controls you more than you can imagine.

Show Two: Autosuggestion

There is but one way that has been proven totally effective when you’re trying to transition your thoughts from ones of lack and limitation to ones of belief and possibility. It’s the method of autosuggestion. In this show we discuss the entire section in The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind relating to this remarkable practice.

You can get a copy of Dr. Joseph’s book HERE of if you like audio books more, click HERE.

I wish you the best in changing your thoughts to those that serve you instead of those that hurt you.

Joy to you in every precious moment!

Dan Deigan