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I can remember it like it was yesterday, the day I had that aaahhhh (hands up in the air kind of feeling) about how this idea of choice can change our lives forever. Before we get into that, lets chat about the statement that so many people use in the personal growth market.

What’s the line? / Statement / Or what ever you want to call it!

This product or service will completely change your life!

This single statement is one that most people (hopefully you) battle. Why? Well, lets not downgrade the reality that there is so much remarkable information out there than can change your thought processes, belief systems, and choice moments that in-turn can change the outcomes you have in life and that does change your life. The truth for me is that all of these systems start with a single idea, this idea is choice.

choice-awareness-blogI believe that we come into contact with information, suggestions, or an idea that can drastically change the direction of our lives at least three times a day. Well, maybe I should elaborate a bit on that as well shouldn’t I?

So here’s what I believe. Everyday we come into contact with someone, something, or a situation that we can use to raise our awareness and understanding on life, possibilities, and adversity. The only thing that we have to do is choose to see it, live it, and believe it happens. So there becomes the challenge fro most of us, the choosing to believe it part I mean!

Back in 2010 I faced what had to be the most explosive “failure” I have ever faced, a few things that I now know have helped me see that the “situation” or the “storm” that I travelled through was set in motion to do one thing, to simply getting me ready for this venture I now am on. This realization didn’t come the day my “failure” happened, nor did it come the day, week, or month after. This realization came the day I made a choice to look inside the depths of that epic “failure” and see what lessons or Trajectory Moments it brought. The challenge I went through would be about three posts so I won’t go into it in too much detail on this post, however, lets just say it involved 5 years of my life, all of my resources (and I mean ALL), sacrificing relationships with my family (from misunderstanding the idea that states “you don’t get something for nothing, you must sacrifice” Just be very careful what that sacrifice is my friend!), and friendships that “interfered” with the progression of this dream.

All in all, friends, family, finances, belief in myself and my abilities, in the possibilities of life, and my self esteem took the biggest “hit” ever. Not so easy to come back from, that is a fact. That was until I made the choice to come back from it. Now please don’t get me wrong here, there is no “magic” formula that will eliminate the negative ideas we tend to get locked in our brains when something extremely challenging hits us as we walk the path toward our dreams, goals, and true desires. In other words, the path to our Personal Greatness is not a “walk in the park”, however, if you really grasp this idea and power that comes with choice, you my friend are so much further ahead than someone who as not made an irrevocable choice.

Something very powerful happens when we make an irrevocable choice. This single act possesses a power that will trump so many challenges. Have you ever made a choice or decision that you were dead set on completing or accomplishing? How did that feel? What vibrations rang through your body? Did that goal change? Did your feelings about the possibility of it change? IT SURE DID!

That my friend is the feeling that comes when you tale the power of choice and own it without wavering. When you make an irrevocable decision to go for your greatness, you too will feel this power and enjoy the byproducts it reveals.

Through the challenges that turned into massive opportunities since the end of 2009, I have realized that in order to truly achieve our dreams.  Not those fruitless dreams, I am talking about those dreams that keep you up a night, the dreams of grander you just can’t get out of your head, those dreams of filling that greatness gap that lys in each of us. The first step to get you on that path is choice. Remember back to when you were steadfast in your decision, remember that feeling and go forth my friend, go forth and make the choice to never let limiting thinking control your greatness.