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This post is pretty personal and involves a family member. Maybe you’ve seen this or lived through it as my family member has or been on the sidelines as I find myself in this very moment. When you face a massive adversity, do you see the (re) defining moment in it? What is a redefining moment? For me it’s a time when you stop and have this massive trajectory (or aha) moment in life, you realize that you’ve changed for the better (hopefully).

I have a family member that recently had one of these moments. He is 30 years old and had a heart attack. Yes, you read correctly… 30 and a heart attack survivor… Did you get that word? SURVIVOR. Have you ever looked and really thought about the definition of the word survivor?

Dictionary. com defines a survivor as

person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition,hardship, or setbacks.

Continues to function or “Prosper” that for me is the ultimate word in this definition “prosper” in spite of opposition. Where does this possibility originate? I know that you’re going to say Choice right? Yes, you are correct, it comes from making a choice to change your life (In most cases) Let’s look at what we can say about having a heart attack and surviving it from a Prosperous point of view. On the one side, he could be dead, on the other side…

  • Breath still flows through his lungs
  • He has a second chance to life the life he’s always wanted
  • He has full use of all of his faculties
  • Has family that loves him
  • Has family that want to help him
  • Has children to show them how to love and live to the fullest
  • Has a pretty good story to share and inspire other people
  • Can scratch a near death experience off his bucket list! (maybe…)
  • Has an opportunity to develop a bigger legacy for his kids to live by!

Now I can go on and on. The fact is that he is still alive and he should be grateful for that, he is still able to watch the sun rise and set, able to see his kids hockey games, watch them grow up, and to love. With all of this right at his fingertips, I see him traveling into the vortex of negative thought. I have discussed this in another post ( you can read it here.) 

Everything we go through is meant to happen to us. No matter what it is, the universe is perfect in every way and the challenges we face today do in fact make us better and stronger for the future. I know that that might seem so… Bla Bla Bla “What everyone says”.  However, I have found through all of the challenges, adversities, and great trials that I’ve been through. In the end, it all happened for a reason, whether it’s to help me raise my level of awareness, maybe learn a valuable lesson, maybe it’s the universe teaching me to trust my intuition, or even to help me have a redefining moment of my own. Whatever the end reason, I know it was meant to happen and I listen quietly with a knowing that the reason or lesson will reveal it’s self in due time.

Is this easy to grasp while you’re in the eye of the storm? Nope, it sure isn’t… That is until you have a few of these experiences or redefining moments, then when it happens, you’re able to reflect back on the last few times it all worked out. As simple as this might sound, it is still a challenge for most. The habit is reverse-thinkingfor us to not think of the last time we found the true gold nugget in our adversity, it’s to think of all of the bad things that go along with our adversity. I wish I had some magic wand or potion to share with you, I don’t, no one does. If someone says they do, RUN LIKE THE WIND my friend, RUN!

I know that my family member that’s facing this journey of enlightenment needs to walk through that door himself. His awareness at this time is not of the understanding that he has the ability to control his thoughts on all of this through processing, venting, and making a choice to go forth with passion, purpose, energy, and vitality from being given a second chance to make this life the one he has always dreamed about.

If you are reading this, I would like to thank you for listening to my thoughts and ask for your prayers for my family member. Please let me know if you require mine for a member of your family. Living our lives on purpose, with passion, and love is the way we leave our footprint for all the future generations to learn from. I know that I might not have given you the answer to your problems, I do hope that you look inside and make a choice to see the truth. The truth that you and only you have the power to change every circumstance in your life.

Napoleon Hill made this statement when doctors told him that he has no power to change the fact his second son Blair was born without ears and would never be a “normal” person. The doctors actual statement was this. “Now look here Napoleon, there are some things in this world that neither you nor I nor anyone else can do anything about. And now you face one of those situations.”

Napoleon’s response was one I will never forget and I suggest that you memorize this and use it daily!

Doctor, there is nothing in this world that I can’t do something about, if it’s nothing more than to adjust myself to an unpleasant situation so it does not destroy my spirit.

Now that’s the most magnificent way to view everything and anything we encounter!

Joy to you in every precious moment!