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Welcome back to the second instalment of Your Greatness Is At Risk!  Today’s post is all about this question: What’s the relationship with this idea of success? In other words, how do you presently perceive this idea that we all call success? Well for me it comes down to a few different stages in my life. lets take a trip backwards to help you understand my perspective and footing about this word called “Success” Prior to creating Little Conversations Today I thought that success was all about money, fame, and being known when you walk down the street. I thought that if I was famous and made a TON of money, I would be happy, I would be free to do what ever I pleased, and I wouldn’t be happy until I got there. This was so far from the truth that comes with this idea of “success” my friend. As I was creating a program that was really the stepping stone to what I do today, I lost so much of what I cared about chasing the almighty $. See, this program took almost three years to make it, during that time, I was so focused on it that I pretty much left my familysuccess-not-happiness behind. I was so focused on helping the world change that I wasn’t even present for the people closest to me. No would you consider that success? NOT FOR A SECOND! What was my thought process? I often reflect back on that even today and I still have the same perspective of it. I thought that by making a sacrifice today, I could better my family’s tomorrow.  How messed up I was. I had once again traded my passion for this idea of glory! So now as I sit here today trying this post out, there are a few things that have become so crystal clear to me when I define my idea of Greatness AKA Success… Here are a few points and below I will share more detail on them.

  • I know that I have to make sacrifices to achieve a new level of greatness.
  • Time is the only commodity I can never get back.
  • It takes devoted work daily to achieve your greatness
  • I must always be learning and raising my level of awareness.
This list can go on and on, however, this is not a novel and the point must be made quick to ensure that it serves you.

I know that I have to make sacrifices to achieve a new level of greatness.

This is something that every leader in the personal growth world talks about and it is a fact. There is a sacrifice that comes with every great project including you achieving your greatness. The challenge that I see with a lot of my clients, and what I thought to be a fact as well, is the belief that this sacrifice has to be so big to achieve our dreams. I can share that I pretty much locked my self in my office for 10-12 hours a day without even communicating with the outside world and that included my family. I would wake up at 5am, go into my office, come out for lunch (30 minutes max!) then head back until dinner (1 hour max) and be back in my office until bedtime. No you tell me where the time to spend with my wife and two children came in…. It never did. There was many eye opening experiences that happened and I never even saw them, never recognized the challenges outside that office door. I can vividly remember my wife (my soul mate) coming to the door as I was editing a video for the millionth time (maybe not but it was close) saying, “Here you are looking to change the world and your family is collapsing right in front of you”. Did I see that my family needed my wife and I to be on a united front? Did I see that my children needed us to help them with schooling and personal growth? Did I see that I was sacrificing the most cherished part of my life for this idea of fame and success? NOPE, not for a second at that time. Pretty sad no? You can say it!

Time is the only commodity you never get back.

This time that I lost with my family did put a real strain on our relationship. See, my thought process was that as soon as this program reached millions of people, we would have enough money (success) to do what ever we wanted and everyone will just get over it. Why wouldn’t they, we could travel anywhere, dohour-glass things we have always wanted to do, and take vacations when ever we wanted. I mean why wouldn’t that make my family happy right? TOTALLY WRONG! Time with your family, friends, and loved ones (yes even in-laws!) is precious and there are learning moments in it all. Being flexible in everything you do is essential. Flexibility in your time, schedule, and work is essential. Your greatness will come, you just need to really be clear and set forth a schedule that allows for these time slots to open up. Now, when it’s time to work, you MUST work! In order to not become Dan of 2008/2009/2010, you must ensure that when it’s time to work, you work till you achieve the days goals…. Period… This means that your email, phone and anything else that might distract you is off, your thoughts are clearly focused on the task at hand and DO NOT jump around. Work on the #1 priority until it’s completed, then move to the second and so on!

It takes devoted work daily to achieve your greatness.

Without a shadow of doubt, it take a heck of a lot of devotion to achieve your greatness. It take perseverance, determination, and a desire to achieve excellence. What is excellence? Excellence is simply a commitment to completion, that’s it! If you work daily on your vibration and awareness levels, then you’ll gain all of the essential ingredients to reach your greatness. Come up with a routine that allows you to take your day by the lapel and make it everything you can. I came across a quote that I now use a a screen saver on my phone, it goes like this.

Every New Day Is Another Chance To Change Your Life

How do we change our lives anyway? That is a very easy answer and it goes like this: You can change your life with a single thought, a single “little conversation” with yourself. All you have to do is shift one single thing in your thought process and that will change your life. This idea that you need to make a zillion changes to achieve Greatness is completely out of the park crazy!

I must always be learning and raising my level of awareness.

10000000% I don’t think there are enough zeros I can add to emphasize this point. You MUST without fail, always be learning and improving. Years ago (22 years actually) when I first started listening to Bob Proctor and one thing that stood out like a like a chocolate bar in a diabetes group ( I had diabetes so I’m allowed to make that joke!) was when bob said “If you are not creating, you’re disintegrating!.” He was so right, life, business, education, love, energy, joy, excitement, passion, purpose, the world, you name it, all move in one direction or the other. So if you’re not continually educating yourself, what are you doing? You’re actually moving backwards, due to everyone else moving forward with you standing still. Make sense?   Greatness (success) is an inside thing and this is the idea you must shift into in order to truly live a happy and fulfilled life. Money is great and yes we all ( I believe any way) want to have an abundant amount of it, however, it means nothing if you are not living your true greatness. The greatness you so rightfully deserve!

Joy to you in every precious moment my friend!